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Auto battle-based rpg game!
  • Free to play!
  • Fantasy-based RPG!
  • Auto battle-based battles!
  • Explore the world of Vale!
  • Join a clan!
  • PVP against other players!
  • Much, much, more!

Top Reviews
"Great game in retro style with really interested developers and mods who give their best to help and support. I hope for many more players to come."
— Fraja

"Fun game, simple and easy to play. Good to burn some time."
— DysturbedOne

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Recent News (10)
* The homepage displays the 10 most recent updates to the game, unless there are more than 10 updates posted within the current day (server time.)

Update #1541
2018-07-22 02:19

Bank fee is up to a maximum of 25% instead of 100% now.

Update #1540
2018-07-22 01:10

- Depositing/Withdrawing/Sending gold in the bank will automatically update the bank information on the page (ie. interest calculation, fees, red/green color for negative/positive gold, etc) without a page refresh now.

Update #1539
2018-07-22 01:01

- Clan banks only allow a maximum of 500 million now. Clans won't gain gold if they exceed the clan bank limit.

Update #1538
2018-07-22 00:54

- Daily tasks on the right are now "grayed out" if you performed the task for the day.
- New withdrawal/transfer fee in the bank based on bank amount. Please see bank for details (hover over the [?]).

Update #1537
2018-07-20 06:55

- EXP cap has been raised.

Update #1536
2018-07-20 06:51

- Banks no longer have a bank limit
- Clan banks now have a limit of 1 Billion.
- Auto Mining Bug Fixed - Please PM me if you still get the bug.

Update #1535
2018-07-17 04:54

After Daily EXP Cap, users now gain 1/2 EXP instead of 1/4.

Update #1534
2018-07-17 04:20

Daily Exp Caps introduced to the game.

See your profile to see your daily caps. (Also shown in Auto battles)

Note: Players still gain 1/4 exp after exceeding the daily EXP cap.

Update #1533
2018-07-11 12:40

Bug fixes:

- Last seen/action as "n/a" for some users
- "-0 minute(s)" left for Agenda tasks

Update #1531
2018-07-07 11:57

Level caps are more secure now. It costs 3 Doubs and 10 B caps for +1 Lv cap.

Top Reviews
"Fun and interesting game, with active and helpfull staff :) Regular updates, 5/5"
— Astral

"Very nice game that you can play virtually anywhere. The comunity is nice, the developer helps and gets involved with the players. No game you can sit for hours, but absolutely suitable for byproducts. I like it very much, others may have different demands."
— Anastazia

"This is a very addictive and fun game to play. Very hard to start off like most games but with the help of the friendly community in this game you receive gifts help tips and more. Great game more players wud make it even better!!!!"
— BungBooce

"Awesome game! Love the set up and anyone who loves text based games, should definitely try it!"
— jeremiahlf

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