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Update #1931 by Omega2020-07-01 11:15
Improved mobile view - please check it out!
Update #1930 by Omega2020-06-29 09:50
Exclamation hovers are added to character pages to indicate which things are visible to self (or admins).
Update #1929 by Omega2020-06-29 09:38
A user's loyalty is now private (character pages and top players) and is now only visible to yourself.
Update #1928 by Omega2020-06-29 09:16
- Double rewards from donations closed.
- Double rewards from events is no longer a thing: it is now: 1.5X
- Vale Day (Apr 02-03) now gives 2X rewards instead of 3X.

This change was intended to balance VC rewards a bit more, for donating on any given day instead of waiting for events.

Good fortune to those who took advantage of the sales while it lasted!

Thanks for your support!
Update #1927 by Omega2020-06-28 20:04
Character pages - Hover over your XP Cap to see the amount of xp bonus applied.
Update #1926 by Omega2020-06-28 02:15
- You can now raise your XP Cap in the Vale Shop.
- You can view your XP Cap boost on your character page.
Update #1925 by Omega2020-06-27 17:47
A section on how to donate for other players is listed in the Vale Shop in the donation's screen.
Update #1924 by Omega2020-06-26 07:51
Usernames are now min. 2 characters instead of 3.
Update #1923 by Omega2020-06-24 02:22
Fail-safe to items:

- “use all”-type buttons in ‘Items’. You will be prompt with the notice: “Are you sure?”
- Using too many SP potions that will overflow your SP will now yield the error: “Using too many of these items will cause item wastage!”
- Soft hover text added to the Mail and Event icons on the top right.
Update #1922 by Omega2020-06-20 02:30
Users with >= 250 Loyalty now have a PLATINUM Donator Award.
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