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Displaying Last 10 Update Entries:
Update #1804 by OmegaNEW Today
- Chat display pictures are now clickable in Settings to view the full size.
- Chat display pictures added to profiles and can also be clicked to view the full size.
Update #1803 by Omega2019-11-18 15:57
Current chat picture now shows in Settings.
Update #1802 by Omega2019-11-18 06:33
Due to confusion in the chat with players with similar avatars - chat profile pictures have been re-instated.

You can change your chat picture in your Settings.
Update #1801 by Omega2019-11-17 22:55
Tomb trap sound added - thanks Scarlet!
Update #1800 by Omega2019-11-17 22:51
Pickaxes were a bit too quick for mining and sounds were being cut off, slight adjustment:

New pick axe times in seconds:

2.5 Basic
2.3 Amethyst
2.1 Sapphire
2.0 Emerald
1.8 Ruby
1.7 Diamond
1.5 Privateer
Update #1799 by Omega2019-11-17 08:01
- Monster Arena removed (this was temporary).
- Monsters and bosses are now scattered all over their respective locations in 'Yonder'
- 'Yonder' tab is now expanded by default.
Update #1798 by Omega2019-11-16 11:12
Game maps have been removed from the game. Hopefully it is easier to navigate and helpful to new players with the site descriptions.

NEW: Monster Arena on the left.

Areas are now accessed via the 'Yonder' tab on the left.
Update #1797 by Omega2019-11-15 23:29
A new navigation menu has been created at the top. There were too many micro buttons scattered all over the page and it was difficult to find things.
Update #1796 by Omega2019-11-15 09:46
There was too much 'red' in the forums for unlocked pinned and locked pinned threads (difficult to differentiate). Unlocked pinned threads' now have a yellow icon.
Update #1795 by Omega2019-11-15 07:56
`Double Server Reset Bug` --> FIXED.

This has been fixed (from my testing). I manually reset the server over 50 times and the results came out positive. Unfortunately, I did not back up the values that were updated daily: JP, Gold, Clan Respect, and Daily Bank Gains.

As a result, I had to reset JP and Gold to 0, as I cannot undo a server reset.

- Gold - Everyone has been given 1 million pocket gold.
- Clan respect and daily bank gains - No changes aftermath, unfortunately!
* JP has been set to 60 points.
* You have been given 3 Vale Coins.

* = Affected individuals, ie. employed users.

If the `double reset` bug still persists, please post in the forums with detail (ie. how many additional times did the server reset? for how many days?, etc.)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you lost significant amount of JP, please PM me (Omega). I have a backup file from 3 days ago, and I can manually fix your account with a comparison.

-- Additional effects --
- If you had an active aura - it was lost.
- Energy gains from users with an active aura has their energy reduced.

If you lost an active aura, please PM me and I can return one to you. Unfortunately, the energy deductions cannot be fixed as it cannot be verified.
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