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Displaying Last 10 Update Entries:
Update #1779 by Omega2019-06-19 18:26
A staff's farewell - My farewell message has been posted in the forums. This is my last update for Vale RPG. It's been a pleasure to meet everyone and be apart of this great community!
Best of luck to everyone, and I hope the game continues to flourish!
-- Omega
Update #1778 by Omega2019-06-13 04:51
Forum quoted messages are now expanded by default.
Update #1777 by Omega2019-06-12 02:09
- Dragon Tooth Necklace added to Aldom.
- Custom equipment names are now a maximum of 30 characters instead of 20.
- Power ring now gives 400 STR/INT instead of 200 STR/GUA/INT
Update #1776 by Omega2019-06-03 16:18
An error that was adding additional defense from equipment has been fixed. The correct defense value on the right is now displayed. You may notice changes in auto and PVP due to the change.
Update #1775 by Omega2019-06-02 08:20
Sound added for clicking the `Search the shore!` button.
Update #1774 by Omega2019-06-02 08:00
Slot payout has increased from 84% to 91% from increasing payouts for 2x match.
Update #1773 by Omega2019-06-01 05:28
Due to a PVP/Pet PVP Champion Award bug that occurred at server reset, these awards were removed from everyones' accounts.

Next server reset will now properly award users for these 2 awards.
Update #1772 by Omega2019-05-31 17:20
Tomb sound triggers added:

- Finding gems
- Finding aura sphere
Update #1771 by Omega2019-05-31 01:11
3 New standings added to top players in Vale Times:

- Pet Level
- Pet PVP
Update #1770 by Omega2019-05-31 00:31
- Updated some icons on the left
- 2 NEW awards at server reset: PVP Champion and Pet PVP Champion
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