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Displaying 11 NEW Update Entries: (past week)
Update #1692 by Omega2019-03-21 23:53
Item renames:

Mage Masher --> Aqua Dagger
Ashbringer --> Fiery Rage
Rune Berserker --> Berserker
Assassin --> Kama
Defiance Ring --> Defense Ring
Confidence Ring --> Power Ring

Update #1691 by Omega2019-03-20 05:37
It has come to my attention that RPG Maker resources cannot be used for anything other than RPG Maker. Thus, all the maps in the game will need to be re-made.

If you have artistic pixel art ability and want to create maps using free game assets (ie. grass, trees, etc) or create a map using photoshop: please do! Submit all entries to Omega. If your map is approved and added to the game you will be rewarded Vale Coins for your hard work!

Also looking for submissions for in-game battle scenes - although I used stock images for the majority - Some may be from RPG Maker or some maker-sort. I'm going to try to rid Vale of all "Maker" tools, so in-game art is also welcomed and rewarded!

Update #1690 by Omega2019-03-20 05:15
Cloudflare is caching the game's web pages and resulting in some data in-game not updating: e.g. purchasing items, seeds, etc.

I have changed the caching settings. Please clear your cache and re-login. Hopefully this resolves issues you may be having.

Update #1689 by Omega2019-03-19 03:56
MORE Referral reward BUFFs! Please check the Referrals page for the buffs to the rewards in referrals.

Ref 1: 250K —> 500K Gold
Ref 10: 1x random stone —> 3x
Ref 50: 3x random stone —> 5x
Ref 75: 100K XP —> 500k XP
Ref 100: 5x random stone —> 10x
Ref 200: 25 mil gold —> 50 mil gold.

Update #1688 by Omega2019-03-19 03:51
Refer your friends at earn rewards! Type /ref in the chat! Aura sphere added as one of the referral rewards!

Ref 150 reward is now 3 level stones instead of 2.

Update #1687 by Omega2019-03-19 03:37
- Updated aura depletion energy costs (see Help Center)
- Paladins now get 40% energy reduction for auras.

Update #1686 by Omega2019-03-17 19:25
Job Passives:

Alchemist/Chemist - Functional

** Now receive +10% for SP Potions instead of 50%.

All job passives are now functional.

Update #1685 by Omega2019-03-17 19:02
+1 level cap is now 4 Doubloons and 8* Bottle Caps (Total of 100 Doubloons and 200 bottle caps for 25 level caps) = 1 Privateer item (+200 bottle caps). This may change again.

XP reached after XP cap is now 1/4 instead of 1/2.

Update #1684 by Omega2019-03-17 07:17
Job Passives:

- Craftsperson/Blacksmith - Functional

^ Now receive +5% selling price of gems instead of 10%.

* Craftsperson/Blacksmiths receive +5% selling price of gems (at The Mines only).

Update #1683 by Omega2019-03-17 07:09
Job Passives:

- Grasscutter - Functional
- Courier/Reporter - Functional
- Marksman/Sharpshooter - Functional

Updated Job passive descriptions for the jobs above^

Update #1682 by Omega2019-03-15 06:44
Necromancer staff bug fix and changes.

- Updated description: An essential staff for spell casters. This weapon gets stronger with increases in intelligence. MATK + 5% of your INT stat, up to +500 MATK (10,000 INT is required for the full boost.) No level requirement.

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