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Update #2077 by Tomithy2022-05-04 21:56
With quite a few people having multiple accounts, I decided to add a line to the Terms of Service that states that using an alt account in a way that circumvents a ban will result in that account also being banned.
Update #2076 by Mega2022-04-24 05:44
On the 1st day of every month, all listings in the marketplace will be removed and returned to the listers.
- Added to help center under Server Questions: Monthly server reset.
Update #2072 by Mega2022-04-23 04:51
Improved Chat

- Better spam filters: Commands such as /sum, /roll, /flip etc can no longer be spammed
- Updated chat commands - many chat commands are now available to use in other chats, instead of just Global. E.g. /flip, /roll, and /me commands can now be used in clan/staff chat.
Update #2070 by Mega2022-04-20 22:49
Quest Token shop changes:

- Doubloon is now 30 tokens instead of 60.
- SP potion is now 1 token instead of 2.
Update #2069 by Mega2022-04-20 22:22
Arrows are added to MP prices (Green down arrow = Price is lower than MV value, Red up arrow = Price is higher than MV value)
- Look for green arrows when buying / sales.
Update #2068 by Mega2022-04-20 03:27
Marketplace has been updated. Visual errors and functionality improved with loading spinners and updates on MV after purchases.
Update #2067 by Mega2022-04-20 02:47
- A list of "Global only" chat commands are now stated in the Chat Commands.
Update #2066 by Mega2022-04-19 06:07
MV added to:
- "sell items" as a guide/reference before listing an item.
- Item info (when clicking on an item to view)
Update #2065 by Mega2022-04-19 05:53
Items in the Marketplace now display an "Market Value" to show the average market value of items based on sales history.

After purchasing an item, MV doesn't update right away (reload is required on the popup window). I'll fix this tomorrow or when I have time.
Update #2064 by Mega2022-04-19 05:21
Forum post counts:

Deleted posts will no longer remove 1 post from your total post count if a staff deletes your post.

Your post count will still -1 if you delete your own post.
Update #2062 by Mega2022-04-18 04:13
Exp fueling is now EXP * 10 instead of EXP * 20. For reference: originally was * 50
Update #2061 by Mega2022-04-17 17:34
- Selling an item or equipping an item will redirect you back to the proper tab in your items. E.g. Equipping a shield, will bring you back to the ‘Armor’ tab instead of the main inventory page.

- Battle (PVP) display fixed: Placeholders ("Img") removed. Mobile view: https://pasteboard.co/mJTy5dV3E4GV.jpg

- If you are currently in a PVP battle and you exit the tab: upon visiting the battle arena again, a message will now display on top: "Please finish your battle.  Continue”
Update #2056 by Mega2022-04-15 23:59
- Removing items from the Marketplace will now re-direct you back to the Listings page instead of the main Marketplace page.

- Character pages now have an "arrow" beside the user's username to show the list of usernames that user owns (aliases).

- "Aliases" in settings have been renamed to "Additional aliases"
Update #2055 by Mega2022-04-15 23:28
New chat command: /flip
Update #2054 by Mega2022-04-15 04:14
- You can now adjust quantities in Marketplace listings.
Update #2053 by Mega2022-04-14 05:59
- Marketplace now shows item type.
- Armors in 'Items' are now arranged by item type (e.g. Armor, Shield, Helmet, Misc)
Update #2052 by Mega2022-04-14 04:56
Marketplace opened again:

- The number of listings is now shown beside each item type on each button
Update #2051 by Mega2022-04-14 03:10
Help Center updates:

- Combat page under section B now includes details about base vs current stats.
- Aura clarified to use base stats
- Monster index updated
Update #2050 by Mega2022-04-14 00:07
New chat command: /roll - To a roll a number from 1-100.
Update #2049 by Mega2022-04-13 17:15
XP Boost fuel cost is now = exp * 20 (instead of * 50)
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