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Displaying the latest 10 update entries:
Update #1940 by Omega2020-10-18 22:20
Double Potions will now be available in all seasonal shops.
Update #1939 by Omega2020-08-09 07:16
Level 200 monsters' stats have been adjusted.
Update #1938 by Omega2020-07-28 23:30
Added an "At Cost" button in between the new Min/Max buttons for MP listings.
Update #1937 by Omega2020-07-28 23:22
'Auto price' for adding items to market place replaced with 'Min' and 'Max' buttons
Update #1936 by Omega2020-07-28 19:12
Annum changes:

1 year - runner-up
2-3 y - bronze
4-5 - silver
6-9 - gold
10 - platinum
Update #1935 by Omega2020-07-28 18:06
Changed how Awards are displayed. The old view had flat icons which didn't look very impressive. Although the new look is more generic, I may individualize the image of each award in the future.
Update #1934 by Omega2020-07-28 17:11
You can now apply to multiple staff positions at a time. If you have an application pending for the same position, it will prompt you with an error to be patient for a response (e.g. if you were to apply as a Helper twice).
Update #1933 by Omega2020-07-11 03:45
XP beyond level cap is now 0.2 times XP instead of 0.1.
Update #1932 by Omega2020-07-11 03:31
- Public chat now shows all users, despite being active in another chat (E.g. clan chat)
Update #1931 by Omega2020-07-01 11:15
Improved mobile view - please check it out!
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