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Displaying 21 NEW Update Entries: (past week)
Update #1759 by OmegaNEW Today
Sound added for the wish buttons in the Wishing Pond.
Update #1758 by Omega2019-05-23 21:45
- Sound added for the wishing pond upon finding a shard or stone.
Update #1757 by Omega2019-05-23 21:40
Updated the `Tomb` sounds for the 2 buttons. A refresh is required.
Update #1756 by Omega2019-05-23 04:24
Sounds added for:

- Clicking on the 2 tomb buttons. A spinner is now displayed for a second for suspense instead of an insta-result!
- Clicking the `Heal` button in PA and Explore.
Update #1755 by Omega2019-05-22 08:40
More mail updates:

- Note added to the inbox/outboxes in `mail` —> “all read messages are deleted after 90 days.”
- New button added in `mail` —> `mark selected unread` - to keep messages from being deleted from your inbox.
Update #1754 by Omega2019-05-22 08:33
Leaders and Co-Leaders of clans now have a new button added in their `Mail` --> `Mass (ALL CLAN MEMBERS)`, which will send a mail to all your clan members.
Update #1753 by Omega2019-05-22 07:58
Sound added for the `Fish button`
Update #1752 by Omega2019-05-21 20:40
- Bug fixes in all chats
- Anti-spam now works for all chats
Update #1751 by Omega2019-05-21 19:08

All chat commands now work for every chat. E.g. You can type /me in 'Clan Chat' or type /ref or double, etc in 'Clan Chat' without having to go back to public chat to do so.

Commands such as /w which only work in 'Public Chat' will display a message "This command can only be used in Public Chat." in the chat you try to perform the action.

Commands such as /wipe or /clear will work in their respective chats.
Update #1749 by Omega2019-05-21 05:14
Sound changes:

- Finding gems in mining sounds have been made quieter.
- New sound added for `Stop Button`.
Update #1747 by Omega2019-05-20 08:22
Updated treasure chest images (diamond, ruby, etc)

Please clear your cache if you are still seeing the old images.
Update #1746 by Omega2019-05-20 01:04
2 sounds added for:
- Equipping weapon
- Equipping armor (ie. armor, shields, etc).

- Changed the way armor is displayed in `Items`.
- Shortened sound for slot win.
Update #1745 by Omega2019-05-20 00:37
3 sounds added for:

- Forging axes
- Forging rakes
- Forging keys
Update #1744 by Tun2019-05-19 23:29
Updated emoji icons: now adds it where the text cursor currently is.
Update #1743 by Omega2019-05-19 21:25
Updated Pickaxe mine times (in seconds):
Basic - 2.0
Ame - 1.8
Saph - 1.6
Em - 1.5
Ruby - 1.3
Dia - 1.2
Priva - 1.0
Update #1742 by Omega2019-05-18 23:50
Turning in quests now has a sound effect if sounds are enabled.
Update #1741 by Omega2019-05-18 23:33
- Updated/changed `Slots` images to higher quality ones. Please clear your cache.

If you do not see the following images, please clear your cache:

Banana > Bomb > Pendant > Ring > Map > Coins > Crown > Open treasure box
Update #1740 by Omega2019-05-18 07:53
Payout numbers for a 3-Match were underwhelming. They have been drastically increased while lowering the 2-Match payouts.

Payout is still 81%.
Update #1739 by Omega2019-05-18 06:49
Clicking any of the amount buttons in the slots will also trigger the same sound (ie. 10k, 100k, etc).

Reload required if using.
Update #1738 by Omega2019-05-18 06:40
The "Spin" button in slots now have a sound.

Please reload the window to avoid errors.
Update #1737 by Omega2019-05-18 06:04
Re-worked slots is now complete and OPEN:

- New slot images (fantasy-based) theme! Please clear your cache if you do not see the updates images.
- The slot payout rate is now 81% (this is an underestimate since it does not include the jackpot). Visit the slots to see the payout rate for each reel.
- Slots now have a JACKPOT listed above the slot machine. Get 3x treasure chests to win the jackpot!

A huge thanks to Tun for helping me work out numbers!
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