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Displaying 18 NEW update entries: (past week)
Update #1879 by OmegaNEW Today
Gold reward increases for monsters level < 250

(+50 gold increase)
Update #1878 by OmegaNEW Today
Updated Intro in Help Center (added Battle Questions). It now consists of only 4 sections.
Update #1877 by OmegaNEW Today
The gold scaling is now scaled to level and linear. It is no longer exponential (e.g. the stronger you are, the richer you are).

New gold scaling = Monster Level * 2 + 100
Update #1876 by OmegaNEW Today
- Update to Blackjack rules.
- Known bugs that were listed for Blackjack in the forums have been fixed.

Blackjack should be complete now.
Update #1875 by Omega2020-06-03 11:35
Template has been reverted back to normal and all chat issues are fixed, including spam control.
Update #1873 by Omega2020-06-03 00:27
Updated Help Center:

- Information is now divided into sections. E.g. Section A, B, etc.
- Menu icons are now more fitting towards the menu text: e.g. Intro, Staff, Server, etc. Previously, icons were random character sprites that did not fit the menu text and it was difficult to find things visually.
Update #1872 by Omega2020-06-02 21:16
Updated Help Center:

- Added "PVP Tips" in the Combat section.
- Renamed "Tutorial" to "Intro"
Update #1871 by Omega2020-06-02 17:02
Insurance added to Blackjack. Insurance: Insure your bet to 1/2 for this round only. Winner is determined by dealer`s Blackjack. If the dealer scores a Blackjack, you win your initial bet, else, you lose your insured bet only.

The insurance button will only appear if the dealer opens with an ace.
Update #1870 by Omega2020-06-02 14:21
Changes to Blackjack:

- Blackjack is now Player’s Hand vs Dealer’s Hand like regular blackjack. There is no more starting winning BLACKJACK or FCC. Thus, the dealer can have a BLACKJACK or FCC vs your BLACKJACK or FFC respectively, resulting in a DRAW.
- If you BUST, you will not immediately lose until you reveal your hand to the dealer by clicking “Stand”.
- Default payout is now 100% of the bet.

For more rules, please visit the Blackjack splash screen.

Update #1869 by Omega2020-06-02 13:35
Double Down and Surrender added to Blackjack.
Update #1868 by Omega2020-06-02 08:29
NEW: Added sound effects for:

- Path button when clicked.
- Inn buttons when refilling SP.
Update #1867 by Omega2020-06-02 07:50
- Added to the Vale Shop: Casino Token Refill.
Update #1866 by Omega2020-06-02 07:37
- Improved mobile display for Blackjack.
- Mobile view top header visual display bug, fixed.
Update #1865 by Omega2020-06-02 05:29
Chatbox changes:

- You can no longer spam a message by spamming Enter before sending.
- Pressing Enter in the chat box will no longer result in a line break (new line) as it was misleading.
- Additionally, people can no longer spam by typing random characters and pressing enter super fast as there is a time delay of 1 second before you can send another message. If you do so, you will be disallowed to send further messages until you refresh the page.
Update #1864 by Omega2020-06-01 16:41
- New spin sound for the slots in the casino!
- NEW: Blackjack in The Casino! Fully functional with sound effects! (Turn on sound effects to hear game sounds)
- The Casino now has area music! It functions through the “Play” button. Remember: Area music will automatically change depending on your area!
- There are now notices in popup windows now where there is playable music to inform users. Currently, other than the exploration areas (e.g. Grasslands, Farmlands, towns, etc), The Casino is the only popup window with a unique soundtrack!
- Updated and clarified The Casino rules.

More casino games to come!

In the mean time, please enjoy this wonder update which took me days to work out the functions, bugs, and exploits. Hopefully, I got them all!
Update #1863 by Omega2020-05-29 00:04
Misc aesthetics updates:

- Heal button "+" is now red for easier visibility
- Auto battle boxes border/cell colours' adjusted to match game theme.
- Disabled buttons are now gray instead of gray text.
Update #1862 by Omega2020-05-28 23:46
Damage in Battle/Pet Arena and PVE now have comma dividers.
Update #1861 by Omega2020-05-28 14:09
The game's template has been updated from dated colours to a new colour scheme.

Before: https://pasteboard.co/Jasv2jQ.png

Now: https://pasteboard.co/Jasv76A.png
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