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Displaying Last 10 Update Entries:
Update #1823 by Omega2020-02-02 22:17
VIP has been re-enabled in the Vale Shop but with a buyer discretion notice.
The bug has not been fixed yet with the server reset.
Update #1822 by Omega2020-02-02 22:12
Bot checks are still max 1 per 30 minutes but the likelihood of getting a bot check has decreased.
Update #1821 by Omega2020-02-02 07:12
New support contact email for account-related problems and password resets is now [email protected]

For other inquiries, you may contact: [email protected]
Update #1820 by Omega2020-02-02 06:41
- VIP is currently disabled due to bug. [I do have a solution but currently do not have the time to implement]
- Any users who have been affected by the VIP bug has been given a full refund in VC (based on the list Tun has provided me)
Update #1819 by Omega2019-12-14 02:53
Some great suggestions in the chat... I was interested and read the chat log. Though, I do not like doing this or do this very often. Please post your suggestions in the forums.

Changes to autos:

- Base autos are now 50.
- Auto upgrades in the donation shop is now +3 for 1 VC.
- Auto cap is now 500 (29 minutes worth of autos).
- For those who have already purchased auto upgrades - the new update has been adjusted for your account.
Update #1818 by Omega2019-12-14 02:40
Referral page changes:

- Bug fixed - issues with claiming some rewards.
- Claiming a reward will now prompt a notification instead of redirecting you back to the referrals page without notice.
- Items in the referrals page are now clickable to view their info pages.
Update #1817 by Omega2019-12-11 08:55
Left menu changes:

- All expandable menus are now opened by default.
- Added animation for opening and closing menus.
- Expanded and collapsed menus are now stored on your session (ie. cookie) and will save which menus you expanded/collapsed (even if you refresh the page)
Update #1816 by Omega2019-12-05 00:50
Captcha updated 2:

All letters are now LOWERCASE.
Update #1815 by Omega2019-12-05 00:27
Updated CAPTCHA font for easier read:

Here is an image of some difficult to read letters and numbers:


From left to right:
Zero, Capital O, Lowercase L, One, Capital I
Update #1814 by Omega2019-12-03 20:06
Blood Hammer and Frozen Staff are now lv 175 level req.
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