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Update #1959 by Omega2021-04-12 04:23
Viewing `Weapons` and `Armor` in `Items` now show your current ATK/MATK/DEF bonuses from your equipment.
Update #1958 by Omega2021-04-06 05:01
- Threads in the forum are now highlighted if they are not locked. Locked threads are not highlighted.

This includes the front page of the forums.
Update #1957 by Omega2021-04-06 04:51
- Ordering of forum threads have been changed. Open threads now have priority over locked threads in the order.
Update #1955 by Omega2021-04-06 02:42
- Ad for inn discounts in "Vale Times" made bigger and more noticeable.
Update #1954 by Omega2021-01-21 03:15
Server is back up. Please email any server related issues to [email protected]
Update #1953 by Omega2020-11-16 19:45
Donation special for Vale Day is now Apr 01-07 (now Vale Week instead of Vale Day)
Update #1952 by Omega2020-11-14 17:21
All bank buttons (deposit, withdraw, transfer) now have confirmations before performing the action.
Update #1951 by Omega2020-11-14 02:05
The donation special for Christmas/New Year's will now run from Dec-01 to Jan-07
Update #1950 by Omega2020-11-14 02:04
Dec-01 to Jan-03 (For Christmas and New Year's) --> The donation special is now 2x instead of 1.5x
Update #1947 by Omega2020-11-06 02:18
There is now a "Bump" button for each thread available to mods.
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