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Update #1978 by Omega2021-11-21 01:05
Fancy new search bar:
You can directly search for things using the search bar and clicking the 'Magnify class button' or pressing enter.
Clicking on the search bar will clear the text in the box for convenience.
The string limit is now 1 character.
Update #1977 by Omega2021-11-19 15:33
Cleaned up `Jobs` page.
Update #1976 by Omega2021-11-19 15:13
Added clarity to the `Jobs` page:

"*** Jobs use your base stats (boosts from equipment and emblems are ignored). See stats for details."
Update #1975 by Omega2021-11-15 20:31
`Stats` and `Items` page now include the Necro staff bonus to the "M Attack" number.
Update #1974 by Omega2021-11-15 20:27
Necro staff was giving +1000 MATK instead of +500 MATK as its maximum bonus. This has been fixed.
Update #1973 by Omega2021-11-11 20:47
Minor bug fix (not sure if anyone even noticed these delays) but "Spinner delays" for Shore/Tomb/Pond have been fixed. Performing these events should be instant like "Fishing/Path search"
Update #1972 by Omega2021-11-11 02:15
Added: "option toggle to use either your personal gold or the Clan Bank when healing during battles."
Update #1971 by Omega2021-11-11 01:39
Improved mobile display
Update #1970 by Omega2021-11-06 23:23
Please be advised that the 'double not activating' bug still exists. Please do not activate doubles at this time until the bug is fixed and a fix is announced.
Update #1969 by Omega2021-11-06 23:00
Seed prices have been reduced by ~ 30%
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