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Update #2105 by Mega2022-12-15 06:28
Changed the way that auto battle processes and displays battle text. Please test it out and let me know what you think in the chat!
- Mega
Update #2104 by Mega2022-12-13 18:50
- Mail / forum chat areas / staff application text areas now have a "copy to clipboard" link that you can click to copy your message before posting. This is in case of errors or accidental timeouts which would result in you having to re-write the text you were writing.
- It is recommended to click this to backup your text in case of one of the following errors listed above.

Admin updates:
Admins now
- have the ability to lock donations and/or the chat in 'Game Settings' under their staff panel.
- can end global double by typing /dend (added to chat commands)

IP Banning (NEW)
- Fixed: Not always working and resulted in the occasional error "This IP cannot be banned"
- * Blocking an IP will automatically delete all accounts with the same IP who are < Level 10 (non-donator) and remove all chat lines from deleted users.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed chat notifications - Now working properly. Notifications in the chat weren't working all the time (no red icon on the chat area).
- Chat notifications (red indicator): You will no longer receive a red indicator when a user you have blocked has sent a message in the chat.
- Fixed: Using an emoji in chat spaces (excluding the chat box) resulted in an error (E.g. in forum posts, mail, etc).

Visual updates:
- Improved mobile and desktop display, and minor visual changes.
- Increased chat box size for the popout chat.
- Changed the way auto battle displays when battling a mob.
- NAN% error fixed in battle/pet arena
- Changed the color for the VS (Verified Supporter) checkmark.
Update #2100 by Mega2022-12-13 05:02
Hello Valians,

I haven't logged in for a while but it is nice to see that some players still play the game, despite my absence.

I'll be returning this week and will work on updates. Hope to see you all around! 👍

Update #2098 by Mega2022-08-14 02:30
Donations are opened again. My apologies for my absense.
- Mega
Update #2094 by Mega2022-07-02 02:01
Flagged accounts can no longer drop Gold Boxes/XP rushes.
Update #2093 by Mega2022-07-02 01:29
Verified buyer renamed to "Verified Supporter".
Update #2092 by Mega2022-07-02 01:08
Verified buyer requests are now open in the Marketplace (to sell VC). I have already approved several of requests. Thanks for supporting Vale RPG!
Update #2091 by Mega2022-07-02 00:12
Updated `Staff applications` page for admins.
Update #2090 by Mega2022-07-01 21:49
Users can now request the "Verified Buyer" status in Marketplace to sell VCs. Please let me (Mega) know if it is not working.
Update #2089 by Mega2022-07-01 20:59
- Flagged users are no longer able to purchase usernames from The Name Center.
Update #2088 by Mega2022-07-01 20:37
- Updated activity feed in the forums.
Update #2087 by Mega2022-07-01 10:40
- Receiving 5% VC bonus from a referral has been removed due to abuse and gains from invalid donations.
- Bug fixes. Please see News section in the forums.
Update #2085 by Mega2022-07-01 10:30
Vale shop has been opened again for donations.
Update #2084 by Mega2022-06-27 01:41
Payment history for vale coins in `Settings` is now more detailed going forward. Unfortunately, some information is missing (dates, extra vc obtained from events, etc) since I cannot backdate info.
Update #2083 by Mega2022-06-26 20:37
Please refrain from donations until further notice and issues with payments are sorted out.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Update #2082 by Mega2022-06-26 17:39

Due to massive fraud by one player, the economy for Vale Coin(s) is now damaged as Vale Coin items / Vale Coins have circulated through the game from invalid purchases. The account has been flagged and locked.

In order to sell Vale Coins in the marketplace or send vale coins to another user, you must now have a 'Verified Buyer' status. This status can be seen in character pages beside a player’s Loyalty. This new tag is also listed in top players for loyalty.

To apply for this status, you can visit the Marketplace and request approval. Approval for this status will be granted by Omega only.
- For all legit supporters of Vale RPG, thank you for your continued support. You know who you are!
- I will approve this status when you apply, as it will allow me to test if it is working!

Things that are not affected that can affect the game’s economy without a “Verified Buyer” status:
- Vale Shop Global
- Vale Shop Drops (Gold/XP)
These commands affect the game economy less and are not restricted at this time for non-verified buyers (as donations trigger doubles anyway)

Other updates:
- Senior staff renamed to “Lead” staff.
Update #2081 by Mega2022-05-25 06:58
Updated staff area display to show more details.
Update #2077 by Tomithy2022-05-04 21:56
With quite a few people having multiple accounts, I decided to add a line to the Terms of Service that states that using an alt account in a way that circumvents a ban will result in that account also being banned.
Update #2076 by Mega2022-04-24 05:44
On the 1st day of every month, all listings in the marketplace will be removed and returned to the listers.
- Added to help center under Server Questions: Monthly server reset.
Update #2072 by Mega2022-04-23 04:51
Improved Chat

- Better spam filters: Commands such as /sum, /roll, /flip etc can no longer be spammed
- Updated chat commands - many chat commands are now available to use in other chats, instead of just Global. E.g. /flip, /roll, and /me commands can now be used in clan/staff chat.
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