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Update #1954 by Omega2021-01-21 03:15
Server is back up. Please email any server related issues to [email protected]
Update #1953 by Omega2020-11-16 19:45
Donation special for Vale Day is now Apr 01-07 (now Vale Week instead of Vale Day)
Update #1952 by Omega2020-11-14 17:21
All bank buttons (deposit, withdraw, transfer) now have confirmations before performing the action.
Update #1951 by Omega2020-11-14 02:05
The donation special for Christmas/New Year's will now run from Dec-01 to Jan-07
Update #1950 by Omega2020-11-14 02:04
Dec-01 to Jan-03 (For Christmas and New Year's) --> The donation special is now 2x instead of 1.5x
Update #1947 by Omega2020-11-06 02:18
There is now a "Bump" button for each thread available to mods.
Update #1944 by Omega2020-11-04 04:17
Forum threads are now ordered by last post on a thread instead of when they were created.
Update #1943 by Omega2020-11-03 00:40
For those who had that annoying horizontal scroll on mobile - it's been fixed.
Update #1942 by Omega2020-11-03 00:02
The below update was a rough explanation for soft reset shop stocks. Full and accurate explanation now available in the Help Center.
Update #1941 by Omega2020-11-02 23:43
- Item info now has a bracket number beside their rarity e.g. Uncommon (50.0), Uncommon (25.0) [not all uncommon items are of equal rarity but the uncommon range have values at 25-50).

Old method resulted in poor re-stocking rates (won't explain the mechanics but it was pretty bad. Uncommon items were also stocked pretty slowly)

Note: Common items have a 100% re-stock rate at soft server reset (this has not changed).

NEW re-stocking method: A dice is rolled from 1,100 each soft server reset. An item of uncommon rarity (bracket range of 25.0-50.0) will automatically re-stock every soft server reset if the dice roll is higher than the item rarity.

For rolls > 65.0 (rare [65 range], mythic [80 range], legendary [90 range]): only 1 item will re-stock each soft server reset. E.g. if a roll was 90: 1 item will be randomly re-stocked: whether it be legendary, mythic, or rare.

I will have this information updated in the help center, please refer.

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