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Update #2116 by Mega2024-04-16 01:39
- Chat banned users can no longer append a message for bank transfers.
Update #2115 by Mega2024-04-02 03:17
Happy Vale Day 2024 everyone!

14 years!

I haven't been online often, but plan to return this coming week to fix bugs, updates, and socialize.

Thanks for all the support and all the players who are still around!

Update #2114 by Mega2023-04-02 17:37
Happy Vale Day everyone!
13 years and we are still here!
Thanks for all the support from all the players for making this happen.
Update #2113 by Mega2023-03-20 07:37
Item Shop changes

Lanos - Str/Int stones only
Aldom - Gua/Acc stones
Euru - AP stone (was bugged and not appearing in any shops)
Elvara - EXP stone
Icicle Town - Level stone
Update #2112 by Mega2023-03-20 06:24
Shuffling between tasks on the screen is easier now. Previously when you opened a task (e.g. The Dock), you had to click the "X" to go back to the main screen to select another task.

The X button is still there, and when clicked, it will automatically bring back the 'battle monster' screen. Alternatively, you can click "Explore" to achieve the same result.

The battle monster box is now pre-loaded without the use of a "Lookup" button.
Update #2111 by Mega2023-03-18 05:10
"MV" button added to the "Sell items" page in addition to the Min/Max/At Cost buttons
Update #2110 by Mega2023-03-18 02:56
Improved display for Safari users.
Update #2109 by Mega2023-03-18 02:04
Improved mobile display with discord integration (added to the bottom menu).

Please give it a view!
Update #2108 by Mega2023-03-16 10:16
Discord chat added to the bottom.

All in-game staff will be given the "Chat Moderator" status to allow deleting chat messages, muting users, other moderator functions, and access to staff chats. Please tag me (@Mega) in the chat to give you access to moderator if you are an in-game staff and do not have access.

Things to consider:
- Access to the chat is not linked with your game account. By creating a discord account, you are creating an account to access the discord chat.
- You do not need to create multiple discord accounts to access the chat. One discord account will give you access to the chat. If you wish to create multiple discord accounts to hide your identity, then you can do so.
- When switching between in-game accounts, it will not log you out of the discord chat.You will have to manually logout of the discord chat by clicking the 3 bars at the top left in the chat, and the logout button in the bottom left.
- Please allow a few seconds for the discord chat to load.

TLDR; To access the discord chat (which is now the new chat system we are using in the game), you need a discord account. This will be your chat account and it is separate from your login account.

Please set your chat name to match your in-game Vale RPG account.

Update #2107 by Mega2023-03-16 09:16
Bottom chat bar changes/additions:

- 'Logs' icon changed to better represent the chat logs
- Added link to our discord server!
Update #2106 by Mega2023-02-11 03:39
Stay connected!

I have created an official discord server. Please sign up and stay connected!


I will be adding an icon in the game and on the front page for easier access to the discord server.

Update #2105 by Mega2022-12-15 06:28
Changed the way that auto battle processes and displays battle text. Please test it out and let me know what you think in the chat!
- Mega
Update #2104 by Mega2022-12-13 18:50
- Mail / forum chat areas / staff application text areas now have a "copy to clipboard" link that you can click to copy your message before posting. This is in case of errors or accidental timeouts which would result in you having to re-write the text you were writing.
- It is recommended to click this to backup your text in case of one of the following errors listed above.

Admin updates:
Admins now
- have the ability to lock donations and/or the chat in 'Game Settings' under their staff panel.
- can end global double by typing /dend (added to chat commands)

IP Banning (NEW)
- Fixed: Not always working and resulted in the occasional error "This IP cannot be banned"
- * Blocking an IP will automatically delete all accounts with the same IP who are < Level 10 (non-donator) and remove all chat lines from deleted users.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed chat notifications - Now working properly. Notifications in the chat weren't working all the time (no red icon on the chat area).
- Chat notifications (red indicator): You will no longer receive a red indicator when a user you have blocked has sent a message in the chat.
- Fixed: Using an emoji in chat spaces (excluding the chat box) resulted in an error (E.g. in forum posts, mail, etc).

Visual updates:
- Improved mobile and desktop display, and minor visual changes.
- Increased chat box size for the popout chat.
- Changed the way auto battle displays when battling a mob.
- NAN% error fixed in battle/pet arena
- Changed the color for the VS (Verified Supporter) checkmark.
Update #2100 by Mega2022-12-13 05:02
Hello Valians,

I haven't logged in for a while but it is nice to see that some players still play the game, despite my absence.

I'll be returning this week and will work on updates. Hope to see you all around! 👍

Update #2098 by Mega2022-08-14 02:30
Donations are opened again. My apologies for my absense.
- Mega
Update #2094 by Mega2022-07-02 02:01
Flagged accounts can no longer drop Gold Boxes/XP rushes.
Update #2093 by Mega2022-07-02 01:29
Verified buyer renamed to "Verified Supporter".
Update #2092 by Mega2022-07-02 01:08
Verified buyer requests are now open in the Marketplace (to sell VC). I have already approved several of requests. Thanks for supporting Vale RPG!
Update #2091 by Mega2022-07-02 00:12
Updated `Staff applications` page for admins.
Update #2090 by Mega2022-07-01 21:49
Users can now request the "Verified Buyer" status in Marketplace to sell VCs. Please let me (Mega) know if it is not working.
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