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Displaying Last 10 Update Entries:
Update #1701 by Omega2019-04-10 07:11
Changes to the `Rush` command:

- Rush multiplied each user's attacks by 1.15 or 1.25 (warriors).
- If you rush, it forced the opponent to rush.

New rush:
- Inflict 1.15x (1.25x damage) for warriors and take 1.5 damage.
- If you rush, your opponent no longer rushes with you.

Help Center has been updated to reflect this.

Update #1700 by Omega2019-04-09 09:03
- You can now reclaim auras for 500 energy (powering-down) by clicking on your aura count. This info has been added to the Help Center. (Refresh required if you are online).

Update #1699 by Omega2019-04-09 04:49
- "Stopping" Mining no longer clears your findings --> Refresh required.
- Fixed mining 'texts' for aesthetics.

Update #1698 by Omega2019-04-09 04:36
Monster Gold = Monster XP * 12.5 + 100

How does this affect gold gains?
- Early monsters up to level 250 now give more gold
- Ultra monsters (ie. monsters >= 300) give less gold

Mining now gives 100-300 gold per mine.

Update #1697 by Omega2019-04-08 02:55
- Clan daily respect gains now show on clan pages.
- Updated clan hall

Update #1696 by Omega2019-04-07 20:32
Dead clans? Unchanging clan respect?

• Passive: Clans will gain respect = T/4 daily; where T = total level of players in the clan.

Update #1695 by Omega2019-04-02 19:44
Happy Anniversary!

Today is Vale RPG's 9th anniversary!!

Everyone has been given 7 days of free VIP and donations will be x2 for today and tomorrow!

Update #1694 by Omega2019-04-01 00:58
- Gold Box and XP Rushes now have 'sound'. Toggle sound if you want to be notified of them. The sound will still be triggered even if you are in another chat (ie. staff, clan).

Update #1693 by Omega2019-03-28 20:23
- Added item descriptions for items without one.
- Dark matter now gives -10% XP instead of -5.
- Darkness Bow/Staff now give -5% XP instead of -10.

Update #1692 by Omega2019-03-21 23:53
Item renames:

Mage Masher --> Aqua Dagger
Ashbringer --> Fiery Rage
Rune Berserker --> Berserker
Assassin --> Kama
Defiance Ring --> Defense Ring
Confidence Ring --> Power Ring

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